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October 29, 2009, 1:58 pm
Filed under: Corn, Fall, harvest, rain, Soybeans

Here I am sitting in the house in the afternoon when I should be out harvesting.  More rain.  I have a picture in my head of a cartoon I saw several years ago.  The picture is of two vultures sitting in a tree.  The caption reads “Patience! Hell, I’m going to kill something!”

It is so hard to have patience when the calendar says “You need to get on with the harvest” and the weather is against you.  Soybeans had actually taken up moisture until the recent string of four rainless days.  One of those days was even sunny!  Some soybeans actually got down to 14% moisture for a short time.  

Most soybeans are being harvested around here at 20% moisture.  I’ve heard of harvested beans in the range of from 14 to 29%.  That is really incredible.  I never heard of harvesting soybeans at moistures over 17% before.  The fact that some beans did get down to 14% for a brief time gives me hope.  With patience we really could someday see harvestable moistures for soybeans.

Corn harvest is going slowly.  The drier can only handle so much when the corn is 30% moisture.  I’ve only harvested corn at these moistures one other time in my life.  That time we had a wet cold summer and the corn never did reach maturity.  One year back in the 1980’s we harvested corn at nearly 40% moisture, the test weight was near 40# and the yield was from 40 to 100 bushels per acre.  The joke was that we had 40-40-40 corn.

We’ve already had trouble cooling the corn after drying.  The broken kernels tend to fall into the middle of the bin and the air just flows around that area creating a hot spot.  Storage of this years corn crop is really going to be a challenge.

Patience is a virtue.  Unfortunately we are all in a hurry.



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