Minnesota Farmer

Why Minnesota Farmer
October 30, 2009, 8:49 pm
Filed under: Family History

When the question of naming my blog came up there could only be one choice for me, it had to be Minnesota Farmer.  That is because my great-grand father Iver Iverson was known as the Minnesota Farmer when he corresponded with the newspaper that was published in Hemnes, Norway known as “Nordlands Avis” from 1914 to 1920.  So I thought it fitting that his great-grandson should also be known as the Minnesota Farmer in this new world of blogs.  

Minnesota Farmer

Minnesota Farmer, the life of Iver O. Iverson

Many years after Iver’s death, his daughters, Corrine and Vivian, discovered the saved issues of “Nordlands Avis” and published the translated writings from the paper along with Iver’s life story.  Thus the whole family came to know their ancestor.  

I hope that you also will find an interest in the musings of this Minnesota Farmer as I consider all that goes on around me in this wonderful digital world.



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[…] One of my earliest posts explored some history of my family.  My great grandfather wrote letters to a paper in Norway called the “Nordlands Avis.”  He signed his name Minnesota Farmer.  That is where I took the name of my blog from. […]

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