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Never enough time
November 23, 2009, 9:51 pm
Filed under: Fall, harvest

My friend Allen is fond of saying “There is never  enough time to do it right but always enough time to do it over.”  Since Allen is a cabinet maker it is a very apt quote.  When you make one of a kind furniture, doing it right is very important.  Things can go very wrong when you don’t do things right the first time.

Trucks and bins if they are not watched can overfill and spill out very fast with only a little bit of inattention at the wrong time.  A grain gate left open where a driver cannot see it can spill a lot in a short time.  If you are lucky it is only a few scoops of grain.  Unlucky or inattentive and there is a lot on the ground.

Recently a semi truck driver was distracted for a bit and his semi was hit by a train.  The truck was empty.  The driver is alright.  The semi is a mess.

When conditions are wet, farmers can attempt to drive their combines into areas they should not.  When a combine gets stuck it takes a special understanding of mud and machinery to get unstuck.  A combine is made to move on its own power.  If you try to pull a combine out in the wrong way it come out in pieces.

My grandfather used to say “The faster I go, the behinder I get.”  Doing things too fast or with out thinking can get you into a lot of trouble.

It’s harvest season and the harvest is late.  Farmers, who normally find ways to get the harvest out as fast as possible, are watching the weather to see when the cold and/or snow will bring harvest to a halt.  All farmers need to be doing everything right the first time.  There may not be time to do it over.



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