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‘Tis the season
December 17, 2009, 10:40 am
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As Christmas approaches all are filled with the excitement of the season.  Presents and family, travel and food, school holiday concerts and Christmas cards, bookwork and meetings.  What was that last part?

Yes, bookwork and meetings, are now taking up a fair share of our time here on the farm.  My seed corn rep. has my order, the ethanol plant had their market outlook meeting and today my bank is holding a marketing meeting.  These meetings will continue through the winter as the companies we do business with seek to educate their clients in the newest and best they have to offer.  In the mean time I’m working on end of the year bookwork so that the tax man will not surprise me too much when taxes are due.

So far it’s looking like a good year.  We had an exceptional corn harvest, a decent bean harvest and O.K. prices for commodities sold.  Most of our crop is sold in the year after harvest, but anything that will not fit into the bins is sold for harvest delivery.

We do a little bit of year end bill paying to even out income.  That entails paying bills on one side of year end or the other to help smooth out any income jumps or slumps.  We’re not adverse to paying our fair share of taxes, we just want to even out the pain from year to year.

So as you all scurry off to your holiday events remember to drive safely, dress warmly, drink responsibly, eat properly and be sure to push the right buttons on that calculator.  Don’t let the tax man bite.



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