Minnesota Farmer

And still it snows
December 27, 2009, 2:41 pm
Filed under: Christmas, Farm, Minnesota, snow

It’s snowing again in southwestern Minnesota and I was cleaning yards after church.  We had just enough blow to make the roads a mess.  I’m enjoying being a crop farmer with plenty of time to move snow.

I just read a bunch of tweets on a blog that told how things were going for some livestock farmers in areas hit by the snow.  Most livestock farmers have a more-than-8-hour-day taking care of their animals.  Throw in mountains of snow, a little blow, and Christmas and you have a real mess.  The animals come first.  There are missed or very late meals, balky tractors, gelling diesel fuel, roads that you have to open because the plows have not yet come, electrical problems and long hours scooping snow.

If you have stock outside, you also have fences to clear so the stock stays in, and the checks for new calves, lambs and goats.   Despite what HSUS says I want my animals inside in bad weather.  It’s heart breaking to find newborns frozen in the snow.

Yes, the days of winter chores are just a memory for me.  Since I have done them, I understand what is going on for those folks.  Hats off to all of you out there struggling to keep your animals fed and safe.



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