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December 30, 2009, 10:47 am
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There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way.  –  Christopher Morley

What a simple and elegant way to figure success.  If that is so, then I am a success.

With over half a century of life on the farm under my belt I have sometimes wondered if my life could be considered a success.  I’ve never had a lot of money but I’ve always been able to pay my bills.  I have lots of work to do but always find lime to visit relatives, travel to new areas of the country and read.  I don’t live in the nicest house in the area, but it is neat clean and well maintained.  I like good food, but am content with a burger or some soup for a meal.  Actually I may be a bit too easy to please.

It may come from being a country boy.  I prefer simple things.  My favorite things include spending time alone in the tractor, playing card with friends, canoeing in the wilderness and a quiet evening at home.

The city is nice to visit.  There are plays, musical performances, museums and relatives to visit, but I’m always ready to come home.  I enjoy being with people but treasure my times alone the most.

I have always enjoyed travel.  I’ve visited all but two of our 50 United States and several foreign countries.  I consider air travel a necessary evil, I prefer to drive.  I am not comfortable in large ships, but will spend hours in a small boat or canoe.  Simple modes of travel are best.

So I guess you could call my life a success.  My wife keeps me busy and my life is uncluttered with the trappings of excess.  My children are happy and busy and life is happy.  Yes, this is success.



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Michael, you absolutely have your priorities right. Like you, I do not measure my success in possessions or money. I am content with such simple pleasures as hanging clothes on the clothesline, savoring a good Minnesota hotdish at a potluck, visiting with family… Perhaps some of that can be attributed to having grown up on a Redwood County dairy farm. I’m glad you commented on my Minnesota Prairie Roots blog so that I “discovered” your blog.

Comment by Audrey

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