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1/2/2010 This morning it was so cold…
January 2, 2010, 9:31 pm
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How cold was it?

Last night when I went to bed I checked the thermometer.  It said 17 below.  The forecast was for a low of 15 below and we were already below that.  Now I’ve got one of those thermometers that has a battery powered outdoor remote.  When I checked it this morning it said OFL (offline).  It was so cold that the battery couldn’t put out enough power to report.  About then the radio announcer reported 27 below zero.  Other towns in Minnesota reported as much as ten degrees colder than that.

Today was the day that my daughter went back to work in Hawaii.  She was facing a 100 degree shift in temperature.  Incredible.  As we drove her to the airport I checked the thermometer on our car to find that my car thermometer only went to 22 below.

So how cold was it?  It was so cold that the thermometer would not work.  That’s cold.



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Your daughter is back & safe in warm Hawaii (in shorts, t-shirt and slippers) and ready to teach. I’ve heard before that when it gets that cold you can take a glass of water and throw it in the air and the water will crystalize before it hits the ground. Is that correct? Any other neat things you can in cold like that – curious?

Comment by Tom Graham

I’ve never tried it, but it seems to me we were not quite to that point yet. Minus 27 and no wind is really not so bad. What’s really bad here is when the wind blows. Anything under freezing is bad when you get winds over 30 mph. It’s just that you freeze faster when the colder temps come.
I used to enjoy the frost patterns on our windows back when we had single paned windows. Jack Frost really can make some interesting art work.
Icicles can form at most any temperature when the sun comes out. We are getting some good ones on the eaves of uninsulated buildings forming now.
Splitting wood at below zero is easier. The wood almost seems relieved to have the tension of the frozen moisture inside released by your axe.
In really cold weather you can hear the ice on the lakes crack as it expands. It starts pushing the rocks on the shoreline up onto the beach.

Comment by Michael

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