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Two days, no traffic
January 8, 2010, 1:07 pm
Filed under: blizzard, cold, Minnesota, School bus, snow, winter

This has been quite a test of Minnesota know how these past few days.  Schools closed early on Wednesday because of how fast the snow was falling, and some buses could not stay on the road.  Then the wind started to blow and even snow plows had trouble finding the road.  All roads here in southwestern Minnesota were closed for almost 24 hours.

Traffic here never really quits unless the highway department closes roads.  It just slows down a bit.  Folks here feel that they must go despite mountains of snow and wind whipped snow so thick you cannot see.  This morning as I made my rounds to open driveways (On closed roads.) I saw evidence of why the roads were closed.  Folks were getting stuck right in the middle of the road.  It’s really hard for the snow plows to open roads when vehicles are sitting in the middle of the road.

As of now the state roads are “open” in southwest Minnesota but that does not mean the work is done.  Cars and trucks abandoned in the storm must be towed out of the way.  The still drifting snow must be pushed or blown out into the ditch.  All of this while the back up of commerce works to get shelves refilled and cupboards restocked.

This reminder of what can happen will not slow things down.  We are too used to going when we want to.  I’ve not heard of anyone being killed in this storm but quite a few got a good scare.  Being trapped in your car or truck as it gets colder is no picnic.  As I sit here, cars and trucks are racing past my house on the snow packed and slippery roads.  I hope they all get where they are going safely.



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