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Back to school, two hours late
January 11, 2010, 8:31 am
Filed under: blizzard, cold, Minnesota, School bus, snow, travel

We’re back to school finally after an early dismissal on Wednesday and no school on Thursday and Friday.  School is running two hours late so buses can see the road after the blowing snow of the last few days.  I expect to see a changed landscape out there with all of the wind sculpted snow.

Every school in the area had buses in the ditch on Wednesday.  It really was a challenging day, with snow filled ditches and a new coating of snow, there was no way to see the road.  Our schools last two buses were finally pulled out on Sunday.  Wreckers and snow removal equipment were very busy with all of the vehicles in the ditch.

Priority on snow removal seemed to be for those on the road, then get those vehicles still in the ditch.  Removal of a large vehicle takes quite a bit of time.  I know it took many hours to get a semi that was in the ditch removed.  Snow had to be moved to get to the vehicle first, then drag them out.  Anything in the snow for long also needed hours to thaw out in a warm building.

Winter is not over.  Despite the forecast for warm temps this week, I expect more snow and blow in the next weeks.  It’s going to be a long winter.



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