Minnesota Farmer

2010 Southwest MN Youth in Harmony

Saturday was our barbershop chorus Youth in Harmony event.  This was our 7th year to sponsor this chance for high school age men and women to learn about the joys of singing the barbershop style.

The day starts for us months in advance when we contact area music instructors.  Those who wish to participate are provided with music and learning CD’s that they can share with the kids.

On Saturday we had both a men’s (Vocality) and women’s (Northern Lights) quartet and a event director (Brent Graham) who help polish the music.  The men and women each learned two songs as a group and then another for all of the kids.  With songs like “We go together” from Grease for the women and the Beatles “All my lovin'” for the boys the interest was high.  The event closer was the song “Harmony” in 8 parts.

There was plenty of food and free time scattered in with the hard work.  The event closing concert included our chorus as well as the guest quartets.  The kids closed the day by singing the songs they had learned.  There was a lot of music and fun for all.

Although there was some resistance from the directors when we started the program, they all agree now that this is one of the best events you can have for helping the kids learn to listen when they sing.  The kids have so much fun that they cannot wait for the next time we host the Youth in Harmony event.  The joy of singing with each other is appreciated by all participants.  This event will live on for many years to come.



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