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Wild and windy
January 25, 2010, 10:47 am
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We were hearing the winds blow as we went to bed last night but did not pay it much attention.  After all the recent warm weather and rain had turned the snow to ice and that does not blow.  So I was surprised this morning as I left for my bus route to find a drift of snow across the driveway by the mail box.  I drove through it easily and headed for town.

We only had a trace of snow last night, but oh how that little bit of snow was blowing.  The road disappeared several times in my trip to town.  The road was mostly open, just a few finger drifts, and in good driving condition.

Our bus lot was a sheet of ice.  The melting snow had formed a pond where we park buses in the morning and frozen into smooth ice.

Things were not too bad as I headed out of town.  The problem was that as I went on the conditions got worse.  Snow was starting to fall and the wind speeds were increasing.  Before I picked up my first student we got a call that a bus was stuck.  County roads were one lane in some places.  Visibility was iffy in the open areas.  Turn around spots were hard to find.  I had made my third stop on the county roads and was heading off on my first township road when the call came closing school.

I was relieved.  Now I had to get the kids on my bus home.  That job done I went back to town.

Karen had made the trip into town and was waiting for me to head home.  The trip home was uneventful, but our driveway was plugged.  I just made it into the yard with the 4 wheel Dura Max.  Our little GMC Terrain was not going to make it.

In a few minutes I had the blower out and was moving snow.  With Karen safe in the house, I finished moving snow.  Then the wind really picked up.

I’m sitting in the house watching the snow blow by.  Once in a while I will hear a truck go by, but I cannot see them.  The hedge row just 100 feet from the house is at times obscured by snow.  Wind speeds from 25 to almost 50 mph are blasting the snow across the ground.  I’m glad to be home.



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Wow. What a winter!!!

Comment by Emily

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