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HSUS lies
February 5, 2010, 10:31 am
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One of our biggest challenges in animal ag is combating the lies told by the Humane Society of the United States.  This organization, that is in no way related to your local Humane Society, has the avowed goal of eliminating all animal agriculture and producing a vegan society.  Most of the money donated to the HSUS goes not to shelters, but to litigation and fund raising.  I will again send you to Cause Matters for the whole story.


Please read it.  This is the real story, not some emotional tug at your heart designed to remove money from your wallet.



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The best way to get to the HSUS is with science. The HSUS knows nothing about animals. They want the public to believe that animals have the same feeling as animals. They lie to legislators saying a cow cant sleep if shes not lying down. Only most cows sleep in the daytime, most cows sleep while standing up. The HSUS has brought the same law to dog breeders, hog farmers, chicken farmers and calf producers, the same law????? Animals are made to withstand extreme weather conditions. Hogs sunburn thats why they are in the mud 24/7. The HSUS wants hogs outside with no mud holes. HSUS stands for animal extinction. HSUS is after your money….

Comment by skippy

Unfortunately most people don’t understand science. We on the farm live the science of agriculture every day. Folks in town see the animals we live and work with and think cute and cuddly. They have never been attacked by a cow protecting her calf. Run over by a steer just because you were in the way. Had a large hog dislocate your knees as it shoves you out of the way to get at food. They think of Bambi and Smokey Bear in the forest not the reality of wild creatures fighting for survival. It can be a cold cruel world out there and most city folks could not survive in it.

Comment by Michael

Like someone said the other day – you’re doing a good and important job with this blog. I learn and enjoy. Thanks.

Comment by talkandpolitics

I messed up when I said “animals have the same feeling as animals”. I meant to say “They want the public to believe that animals have the same feeling as humans.” I’ve seen the HSUS run when you bring in scientific research. Most states are going in after the HSUS and bringing in laws that kick them out of the state.

Comment by skippy

Thanks for informing your readers about the lies HSUS tells. 🙂
Emily Zweber

Comment by zweberfarms

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