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This Old Hat
February 7, 2010, 8:38 pm
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My wife gave me a card one year, it said “To the man who’s cloths always say the same thing, ‘I’m dressed.”‘  My family will tell you that I’m not much of one for dressing up.  My children and wife buy me cloths to help keep me up to date, but I’ve a liking for the old stuff.

There’s the old shirts that you have worn forever that feel just right, and the shoes that have taken so long to break in.

Hat’s for a farmer of my age are a requirement.  I’ve a collection of farm hats as do most who do business in farm country.  Most are worn and threadbare.  Farm hats get hard use and little respect.

I really have a hard time wearing a farm cap to church.  Most of the time I don’t wear a hat of any kind to church.  When the weather gets cold however, something to keep the heat in on my head is needed. I’ve become partial to old hats.

My current church hat is an old Wormser brand “Continental.”  It looks like the old bowler hats of the 1800’s.  It has a narrow brim and a tall round top.  I fell in love with this hat when I used one like it in a community play.  I was the Constable in a performance of “The Music Man.”

Now when you see me in my church cloths, usually a black suit, with that black hat, I like to think I cut a dashing figure.  My friends say I look like I should be driving an Amish buggy.  Of course I have the beard to finish off the picture.



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