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Canyons of snow
February 17, 2010, 6:01 pm
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With the snow blowing winds we have had here in Southwestern Minnesota travel conditions have been a bit difficult.  The canyons of snow left behind as plows try to keep the roads open can get to be really big.

Curving track on a straight road

Proceed with caution

The one lane tracks on more traveled roads need to be carefully approached.

Not quite open

In some places the plow has been through but the road is open only for a 4 wheel drive and a lot of luck.

Deep cut into town

Folks in town have fared only slightly better with some deep cuts on the north side of town.

Where's the house

There are piles of snow that can hide a house.

Snow before work

And piles of snow that can hide a business.

Walk in the valley of snow

Side walks are hidden from the street by mounds of snow.

Holy Snow

Church parking lots have mountains of snow in them.

My ditch is full

All of this makes the five feet or so of snow I have beside my driveway insignificant.

Waves of snow

But the waves of snow in a field can still be quite a sight to see.

Travel safe, stay warm and stay out of those canyons of snow.



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Ahh, that was fun – a virtual walk in the snow! Didn’t even have to put on long pants or boots 😉

Comment by Tom Graham

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