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February 20, 2010, 8:24 am
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It happened.  There is now snow in all 50 states of the U.S.  Hawaii has had snowfall on its tallest mountain.  They are still suffering with lows af 68 degrees on the coast, but who cares.

It’s been an historic winter here with snowfalls totals on par with our greatest on record.  That we can handle.  Folks who do not get this amount of snow ever are really struggling.  I wish them luck.  So come visit, and bring your snow shovel.



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Not that I wouldn’t mind coming and visiting (however, I don’t own my own snow shovel – sorry 😉 but you might want to research this one again. My understanding was that the 49 states had snow (I think it was Feb. 11th or 12th, Hawaii was the holdout and prevented a “perfect 50.” Big Island has a couple mountains over 13,000 ft high and Mauna Kea actually means “white mountain” so it does indeed get a decent amount of snow, but I don’t think its had any recently (see below link) BTW, we were suffering from lows of 63 that week (not the balmy 68 you reported 😉


Comment by Tom Graham

Oh well, I didn’t say my info was perfect. I got it from that Minnesotan you work with.

Comment by Michael

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