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Hawaii braces for a tsunami
February 27, 2010, 1:49 pm
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Our daughter, Emily, has contacted us about her preparations for Hawaii’s tsunami.  Hawaiian officials are expecting this to be the biggest tsunami to hit the islands since the 60’s.  The earthquake that spawned it is the 7th largest quake ever registered.

Emily’s house is outside the tsunami zone, but she has moved to a friends house about 1000 feet up the mountain.  They have been contacting non hearing friends to make sure they are making provisions.  The school where she teaches is an evacuation point.

The sirens went off in Honolulu at 6 a.m.  The wave is expected to hit at about 11:19, so they have plenty of warning.  Long lines are reported at gas stations.  Grocery stores are running short of essentials.  Ships are being moved out to sea.  Lines of communication are already experiencing trouble making connection.

You know I’ll be following this one.



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11:40 AM (about 35 minutes after predicted time), we are seeing a large emptying of Hilo Bay. This usually precedes the Tsunami waves or surge.

11:45 AM – we’re starting to see the bay fill in now… So far, so good (safe).

Comment by Tom Graham

I’ve found a live feed from Channel 2 in HI. Will be watching that.

Comment by Michael

12:00 noon – water receding from Hilo Bay again (about 3rd time, then 4th time), but a a much larger amount and much quicker. Definite Tsunami surges being seen. Now to see how it advances through the other islands…

Comment by Tom Graham

About 12:30 – We’ve seen some definite Tsunami surges happen in Waikiki, Ala Wai Canal, Diamond Head, Hawaii Kai, etc. – but much lighter than the ones in Hilo Bay.

Then some funny stuff – seeing some solo bozo in the water in Waikiki standing on a reef (about waist-high) and splashing water towards the see. He got bawled out and chased out of the water by a Fire Dept. helicopter. And the report of Spam (Hawaii’s state meat) rationing at Safeway stores! Limit: 2 cases per person – ONLY in Hawaii!

Comment by Tom Graham

It’s okay to use the word deaf…it’s not a bad word. 🙂

Comment by Emily

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