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shorts and flip flops
March 4, 2010, 8:57 pm
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The temperatures here in southwestern Minnesota have been above freezing for several days now.  Snow banks are melting.  Water is flowing in the streets.  Girls are out wearing shorts and flip flops.

It’s not only the girls.  High school boys are wearing shorts also.  You had to expect it to happen.  As soon as Minnesota kids see a little sun they get out the shorts.

Most folks are still at least wearing jackets, and long pants, but after all of the cold and snow we’re all a little anxious for spring.  While folks in the south will be huddling next to the fire, Minnesotans are out sunning.  We’re ready for spring here in Minnesota.  Come join us.



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Happy to hear signs of Spring are returning to you folks up North! Just a little word of wisdom Michael, when you step off that plane this month, the word “flip flops” are to be left at home and you must use the word, “slippers.” Or if you want to be brave and attempt to use Pidgin, you can say, “slippahs.” Remember, if you say “flip flops” in front of your daughter, she might be so embarrassed that she’ll distance herself by 10 feet or more 😉

Comment by Tom Graham

Or, she might agree whole heartedly, deeming the word slippers as something that should be used to describe the footwear worn in the winter to keep toes warm in a cold house.

I find something ironically funny about the fact that people are pulling out shorts at 40 degrees, while here we pull out sweatshirts at 65 degrees…

Comment by Emily

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