Minnesota Farmer

Snow melt and high water
March 23, 2010, 7:53 am
Filed under: Farm, Ice, Minnesota, planting, spring, weather, winter

I returned after a week in Hawaii to find a lot had changed out here in the country.  The snow melt had already started before I left and the sump pump was already at work trying to keep the basement dry.  A week of 40 to 60 degree weather can really shrink some snow.

The weather report said we had 85 inches of snow here over the winter, although it never really seemed to be much over 36 inches as it packed itself down into mini glaciers.  Once warmer weather came, water started to run under the snow, and creeks and rivers started to rise.  The run off now has most rivers in Minnesota either just past crest or due to crest this week.  Around here we have rivers about 2 feet over flood stage.  Many fields have large puddles in them and ditches are moving water to the lakes and rivers.

Most of our fields are now bare and deeper snow drifts in ditches, yards and tree lines are rapidly shrinking.  Even with the south winds and warm weather we will still be seeing snow here for a week or two.  Then it will take a bit to dry out the wet spots.  That should put us right on schedule for spring planting.



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