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Where will California get its eggs.
March 26, 2010, 5:52 pm
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When proposition 2 passed in California it paved the way for a mass “prison break” for California hens.  As of now the exodus has not yet happened, but is the experience of Germany a portent of things to come.

Germany is now unable to meet consumers’ demand for eggs after banning the use of cages in egg production at the start of 2010. In 2009, Germany imported 4.9 billion eggs- half of the total eaten in the country- and many come from the Netherlands, where 44 percent of hens are raised in cages.

So where will California get its eggs?  I expect from Mexico.  Anytime you move your food production outside of your borders you create a whole new concern.  The fact is that we can no longer control how our animals are treated when they are not in our country.  Other countries do not have the same laws we do to protect food.  We will have no idea of what could come across the border with those eggs.  It’s something to consider.



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it certainly is.
you’re right, you just dont know

Comment by kseverny

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