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Transition Hawaii to Oahu #2
March 27, 2010, 8:35 am
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Commercial travel between the Hawaiian islands is mostly by plane.  There does not seem to be an hour that a plane does not make at least one trip out of Honolulu to another island.

All of the airports in Hawaii are open air.  There are very few areas of any of them that are totally enclosed.  The climate is so mild that there is no reason.  Airports are filled with covered walkways and flower gardens.  You can spend your time looking out a window at concrete and planes, or go for a walk in a flower garden.

Airplanes on these island hops are small, but efficient.  You are rarely in the air over an hour.  In fact it can take you more time going through security, checking in on your flight and waiting for your plane to take off than it does for the trip.  Our planes were only about three quarters full.  The price for these short trips is quite reasonable.

Honolulu’s airport is a bit more enclosed than the smaller airports in the islands, and is busy.  The airport is built on fill hauled out to the oceans edge.  You are right on the edge of the island.

Many folks are using these airports for hops to other islands for both pleasure and business.  Some of the children in my daughters school fly home for the weekend and stay in dorms when they are at school.  The variety of needs for this form of public transportation are why there are so many flights.

In short, we found air transport between islands both easy and affordable.



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Growing up in the islands, I never thought of the uniqueness of our environment. Our Plumeria (and other flower trees) litter their flowers on the gentle grass to be walked on (or raked up by us local folks 😉 Or how our schools, hotels, shopping malls and restaurants often didn’t have doors & locks (example, Ala Moana Shopping Center or Halekulani – which has a restaurant/area literally called “House Without a Key”). Thats just the way of life in the islands 🙂

Comment by Tom Graham

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