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April 11, 2010, 9:10 am
Filed under: Corn, Farm, Minnesota, repairs, time

Flat tires are a pain.  Especially when they keep you from doing a job you need to do.  Friday we had a flat on our grain truck when we really needed it.  It would not have been so bad but the truck was loaded.

I had loaded the truck on Thursday evening so it would be ready to go to the ethanol plant right away in the morning.  Then I came to drive off, and the front tire is flat.

We had just finished upgrading tires on the truck.  All commercial trucks need to be inspected every year.  We had three tires that did not pass inspection.  Unfortunately the tires we did have on the truck are no longer made in that size.  That meant that rather than replace two tires on the rear we had to replace all four.  We did manage to find a used tire for the front so we could wait to replace them as a pair.  Yep, it’s the used one that went flat.

Flat tire, no problem, jack it up, take it off, get it fixed, wrong.  We could not get the lug nuts to budge.  So, call the coop, they’ll be out in a short time to get it off, wrong.   They have several days worth of farm site tire work before they can get to us.  One man is out with a long term illness, and the rest are trying hard to keep up.

Oh well, I guess we’ll be a bit late in getting that corn in.



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