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Hauling, and talking, corn
April 13, 2010, 9:37 pm
Filed under: Corn, Farm, grain storage, Minnesota, planting, rain, spring, weather

We got to the bottom of one of our smaller bins today.  It was corn that had been moved and had a lot of broken pieces in it.  Except for some areas where the bin seems to have leaked there was no condition problems.

A conversation today revealed that all is not good in the stored grain area.  A beef producer had just purchased a large bin of corn that had gone out of condition.  Luckily it had been found before it was unusable.  Still that shows that not all stored corn is staying in good condition.

We had four tenths of an inch of rain on Monday.  That, along with the inch we had a week ago, means we have a bit of excess water here yet.  We still have a bit of snow in areas where it was deepest.  That too is disappearing.  Those with corn in the field are trying to get it out, but things are not all going well for them.

Today I heard a report from the University of Minnesota that recommends that farmers start planting corn on April 21 and finish by May 8.  Best yields were obtained by planting between these dates.  Those who have corn in the ground already are taking a risk that they will get a reduced yield.  I can understand folks that have a lot of acres wanting to get started, but I want the best yield I can get the first time I plant.

Me, I’m waiting for the trees to tell me the ground is warm enough.  We do not have anything that looks like leaves on our trees yet.  The buds are fattening up, but no leaves.  The ground is not yet warm enough.

We still have some corn to haul so we’ll keep busy with that.  Most of the machinery is ready.  We’ll check some tree lines for fallen branches and maybe trim up some tree branches around the yard.  All of that is just keeping busy as we wait for planting to start.



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