Minnesota Farmer


Again today the news is of 16 year olds killed in a car crash.  The news asks “Is 16 too young?”  Yet our American society will continue to accept that children will get behind the wheel and leave home never to return.  Where is the outcry to ban motor vehicles?

With the proven safety hazards of our autos we calmly accept that we must drive, yet a much smaller percentage of deaths from other sources produces bans.  When a possible food contamination sickens a few, we ban or recall that product immediately, even though the wrong product may be recalled.  When a report says that genetically modified corn may harm a few people whole countries ban their use.  When vaccines help so many but might cause problems for a few, the news trumpets the story.  Where is the balance here?  Where is the common sense?

Yes, I understand the sorrow of those hurt by the maybe, but I also grieve for the dead and injured that are a reality.  No one said the world was safe.  No one said the world is fair.  Everyone dies.  Getting hurt is a part of life.  Let’s just get our priorities straight and take care of the big problems before we sweat the small stuff.



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