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Romaine and biosolids
May 11, 2010, 8:53 am
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The news was trumpeted to the world when Romaine lettuce caused deaths last week in several areas.  Conspiracy theorists were blogging about how this was all because we feed too much corn to our cattle.  Now that the cause is found where is the outcry?  It seems to have been lost to the new outrage of the day.

Arizona farmers still have a crisis on their hands.  Some of their practices have caused illness and death when food gets to the consumer, but the cause is not what many expected.  What/who was the culprit?  It seems that for some time cities have been having problems getting rid of their biosolids, that’s the sludge left after treating the city sewage.  They have convinced farmers that this is a good source of plant food for the table veggies grown in the area.  Unfortunately if the city does not treat the biosolids properly it is also a good source of problems for those who eat these food crops.

This is not the first time that biosolids have been the source of food contamination, the hope is that it will be the last.  There are ways to stop this and both farmers and the cities that supply the biosolids need to act now.  Food is too important of a commodity to allow this to continue.



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Michael, where are you getting your information about the biosolids, because I am not finding it on the FDA or CDC websites

Comment by katrowell

Sorry, right now I cannot remember where it was. It was a published report stuck away somewhere, not a front page kind of article. Most of the time FDA and CDC do not get these things out right away. The University of Minnesota has tracked down the last several food contamination issues. They were the ones who found the cause of the last spinach contamination as well as several before that.

Comment by Michael

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