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Rabbits, the gardener and cat food
May 12, 2010, 9:50 am
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I’m at war with rabbits.  They have been after my bushes and I want them gone.

Two years ago I planted a hardy climbing rose.  This rose has few thorns, but great blooms.  Unfortunately the rabbits took it down almost to the ground the first winter.  This last fall I fenced the rose and managed to save most of it, but they still managed to eat off a few stems.

Last spring I planted some blueberry bushes.  I did get a few berries off of the bushes, but some rodent got most of them.  Yes, the rabbits trimmed my blueberries almost to the ground.

A few days ago the rabbits decided to play in my yard.  My cats love rabbit, but are not fast enough to catch a full grown cottontail.  My .22 slowed down three of them this week.  I’ve seen at least two more.  My cats now want rabbit and are turning down cat food until they are really hungry.

I know I cannot totally eliminate the cottontail population here on the farm, but I’m hoping to slow them down a bit so I can raise a few nice things.  Besides, right now they are breeding like, well, like rabbits.



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