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Cherish your children
May 13, 2010, 8:56 am
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I came across a blog from a mother who after 4 years is still looking for the hit and run driver who injured her son.  Even though he was hit and thrown several feet, no one seems to know who did it.  The driver just drove away.

About a year ago a lady pulled out in front of my daughter as she drove down 169. My daughter could not stop and hit her car right by the drivers side front tire. The cars hit hard and bounced away from each other, but not hard enough for air bags to deploy. As she got out to check on the damage, the car just drove off. Witnesses were astounded that she was leaving the scene.

The police found the lady about a mile down the road wondering why she had a flat tire. She had no knowledge of having even been in an accident.

As a school bus driver I get training every year to learn how to avoid accidents and keep my kids safe. Even with all of the flashing lights on a school bus it seems that every year we have another close call from someone who does not see the lights and signs. Most of the time it’s only a close call, once in a while a child is hit.  Every school district has them.

We have an amazing number of people driving who should not be. There are also a lot of distracted drivers out there. Cell phones and texting are only part of the problem. People get into a vehicle and think only of themselves. As long as they are safe, nothing else matters, until someone dies.

Perhaps it’s time we require all of our drivers to do what truck and bus drivers already do.  We should require every driver to take classes every year in defensive driving.  They should be shown pictures of crushed cars and see the crumpled bicycles.  Drivers should be required to take the written test over before they can get their drivers license renewed.  Every driver should be required to pass a physical.

Every year thousands of kids leave home and never make it back.  Please do not be one of those who is responsible for a kid not making it home.

Cherish your children while you have them.



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