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Green stripes
May 18, 2010, 9:19 pm
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Corn fields are starting to show bits of green.  As the weather warms the corn is peeking through.  We’ll give it a few days and see how it comes up.

The dry weather is allowing soybean planting to start again.  All is not dry.  I discovered a bit of water running down a hillside in a no-till field I want to plant soon.  That will not stop me planting in that field, but it does mean I will not get the whole field planted.

The fields we are tilling are not working as well as I would like.  There is a lot of wet underneath.  There are still a lot of chunks of dirt that will need to be broken up by time.  By the time we get to fall they should be just a pile of dirt.

So I will start planting in the tilled field tomorrow.  That should give the no-till field a bit longer to dry out.

Why till some fields and not others?  My preference is to plant soybeans with a no-till drill in 15 inch row spacings.  We plant the beans into the standing cornstalks from last year.  We are tilling the Pre-Foundation Soybean Seed fields we plant for Monsanto.  Monsanto needs their fields planted in 30 inch rows.  This allows them to check the fields easier.  It’s more work, and harder to control weeds, but we are paid well for the extra work.

Pre-Foundation Seed is not for sale to farmers.  They are still in the development stage and may not even make it to commercial production.  Most varieties of seed soybeans never make it to the commercial production level.  Seed production is an expensive business, but when you find the right varieties everyone makes money.



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