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May 22, 2010, 11:09 am
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Over time every farm site becomes home to excess things.  It could be old warn out machines, buildings, livestock equipment or just plain junk.  What happens to those excess things is different farm to farm.

There are farm sites around the country where I’m sure that every piece of what ever that was ever purchased is still there.  You can see old cars, tractors, harvesters and other machines backed into the trees and abandoned.  Piles of trash in old buildings or piled out of the way are all over.  It looks as if no one cares how things look.

My building site is beside a major highway and open to the eyes of every one who goes by.  There are very few places to put unused stuff, so little piles up.  My dad’s building site also is mostly devoid of excess stuff.

We’ve been hauling junk out over time.  If it’s broken and it can be recycled it will get hauled off to where someone can use it.  Machines that are excess will sit for a while, but they too will be sent off.  Old buildings are dismantled and useable parts sorted for use or sold.  If it’s not useable it gets burned.

A neighboring community has an auctioneer that collects usable, but unneeded machines and has an annual auction.  It’s a place for farm folks to sell things they do not need to some one who has a use for it.  We’ve been getting things ready to go to that sale.  Not much stuff, but things we can turn from a waste of space to cash.  We’ll see how much cash in a few weeks.



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That is great! The less junk the better and if you can turn a profit from decluttering, reusing, and recycling all the better.

Comment by shawn

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