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June morning thoughts
June 9, 2010, 6:40 am
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Three tenths of an inch of rain yesterday morning left the ground too wet to go to the field, clouds and no wind did little to dry the earth.  Throw in another two tenth of rain near noon and the day stayed wet.  Today is to start out dry, become windy and then become rainy again tomorrow.  Field work may work later in the day, but spraying is out until the wind goes down.

The birds are busy again today.  Waking with windows open to bird song is a great way to get up.  We’ve had a male ring neck pheasant touring our yard mornings lately.  He’s usually quiet, but once in a while you can hear his call.  The barn swallows that are building a nest over Karen’s dressing room window are not welcome however.  We like the birds, they just leave such a mess with their mud nests and bird droppings.

All but the last field of beans are now up.  With the moisture lately they should be doing well.  Lots of beans were planted into dry soil and should now be coming up.  I’ve even seen some replanting going on as ground that was worked too wet dried out chunky and did not allow the seed to get to moisture.

I’ll stick around this morning to help get the footings poured for our screen porch.  If things go as planned we should have a cement truck here about 9 a.m.  The sprayer is ready to go, so if the wind and rain will stay away I may be able to get some weeds killed.  Rain forecast for most days in the future do not bode well for me though.  Oh well.  What gets done, gets done.



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