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Whirlwind of weather changes
June 10, 2010, 8:01 am
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This being Minnesota the weather can change quickly, and it has been.  We’ve had rain, then dry and windy, and now rain again.  It sure makes getting field work done interesting.

Spraying weeds had been pushed off by the rain for several days, and the weeds were taking advantage of the extra time.  Yesterday started dry and windy, the dry was all right, the wind was not.  Once the wind went down I did get 130 acres sprayed before the sun went down.  I got a bit of sleep, was up early and sprayed another 80 acres before the advance rain showers moved in.  Now we are forecast to have rain for the rest of the morning.  The rain showers are supposed to continue until early Sunday.  I guess I get to go to that Farm Bureau meeting in Marshall today.



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A bit off topic, but;
I just stumbled over a documentary from BBC called “A farm for the future” about unsustainable fossil fueled agriculture and the possibilites of “permaculture” in the future. The film is here or here.

The argument is persuasive, but I’m still a bit sceptic.. You have any thoughts on the subject?

And thanks for keeping a great blog!

Comment by talkandpolitics

I’ve seen things on permaculture. They seem nice, but I’m sure they will not work everywhere. You have to have the right climate, and a lot of time to do it yourself. It means that every one has to produce their own food. Nice idea, but not everyone in the world wants to do so.
Fossil fuel will run out eventually. Agriculture is working on products that would take the place of many lubricants and fuels. Science is working on more solutions. I have faith that we will come up with some solution, when the economics are right.

Comment by Michael

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