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Rain again
June 23, 2010, 1:42 pm
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The rain blew in about midnight last night with 40 plus mph winds and lots of rain.  I dumped 1.7 inches from the gauge this morning.  Only a few small branches down here.

I went to my dad’s place to feed mom’s cats since they are gone, and found a bit more to do.  We have an old barn we have been slowly taking apart as time permits.  The wind got under the roof and finished taking that off for us.  With lumber, steel and insulation spread about I had a bit of cleaning to do there.  Not a big job, but an unplanned mess anyway.

They also have a few trees down as well as a branch that broke on the apple tree.  I need to get a new blade for my chain saw and then I can cut that up.  More wood for the pile.

I noticed that the wind knocked down my garden sweet corn, I hope there is not too much of that in the fields.  With the rain to soften the ground and the wind, we can have quite a mess in the corn field.  Luckily the corn is not very tall and will recover quickly from this blow.

With the high humidity and hot temps, working out side is not at all pleasant, but we must do what we must do.



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