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Puddles again
June 26, 2010, 6:00 am
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We had some wild weather again last night.  As the evening sun was nearing the horizon a storm blew in and dropped its load.  Luckily for us it was only rain, some to our north had tornados.  The rain gauge tally was 1.44 inches here, but reports of over 3 inches are starting to come in.  We are officially well above average rainfall for June.

Puddles are again back in fields where they had started to dry up, and bigger in fields where they had not yet gone away.  I had been hoping to get back to field work monday, but now there is no way that will happen.

I had seen a few tractors and sprayers on the road yesterday.  Whether they were actually getting into the field I’m not sure.  I know that from my morning walk in the fields I was not going to get any field work done, and now will not for a few days.

My son is coming down to help me for a bit this weekend.  I hope to do a bit more tree cutting at my dad’s place to remove down trees.  There is also the screen porch to work on.  We’ll find something to do.



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