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Bigger puddles
June 27, 2010, 6:33 am
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Again it rains.  Last night we got another 1.54 inches of rain with some in the area getting much more.  This is getting a bit old.  I have not been out to look, but I’m sure the puddles are now small lakes.  Our basement sump pump, which was holding off the water, is still pumping as water sneaks past it’s defenses.

Happily the wet weather pattern seems to have broken for now.  There is no rain forecast for the next week.  We may need that week to dry things out.

I had gotten most of the broken trees cleaned up from the last storms, now I’ll have to check to see if there is any more damage.  My big chainsaw is still in the shop so I have been making do with my limber.  It will handle the small stuff well, but I have one large tree I need to cut that is waiting for the bigger saw.

We put the walls up on the screen porch  yesterday.  With the rain, the porch had the prospect of becoming a pool, but a porch must have drainage scuppers, and the scuppers did their job.

Off to church this morning.  A chance to catch up on the area rain fall reports and storm damage.  Then, since I have my son here, a bit more work on the porch.



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