Minnesota Farmer

Breakfast on the farm

This is the week.  On Saturday all of the planning comes to fruition.  Saturday is Cottonwood County’s Breakfast on the farm.

We are lucky to have a family like the Minions host the event.  Although they are not a large farm, they are all we could ask for as hosts.  The farm yard is neat and clean.  There are a mix of old and new buildings.  Their children are younger, but definitely a part of the farm.  Both Roy and Amy are easy going and knowledgeable.

Roy’s farm has been in the family for several generations and every one of the generations has been the best of caretakers.  They have put into practice conservation practices before the government started promoting them.  They have all known that we take care of our farm for the future.  They have a nice herd of beef cows that they sell the calf crop from, in some cases as beef directly to the consumer.

We plan to have much more for our visitors than just breakfast.  The 4-H will have kids activities.  The FFA will have animals for families to see and ask questions of.  There will be volunteers there from farm groups and farm related business there to help make the event a great day for all.

So far the weather report is good for Saturday.  The days before will be rain free.  The morning should dawn clear and cool.  Temperatures will climb to the lower 80’s by mid-afternoon.  It should be a great morning to be on the farm.  We hope you can be there.



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