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Tyrannus Tyrannus
July 6, 2010, 10:05 am
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Such a terrible name for such a little bird, the Tyrant Flycatchers.  The Eastern Kingbird (Tyrannus Tyrannus) came to my attention this summer with its insistence that my south facing windows were the enemy.  They are daily attacking the upper part of two of my windows to the point I would think the bird would knock itself out.

This is not unusual activity for a bird known to be fearless in attacking other birds near its nest.  They will attack anything they see as a threat.  I will see them hovering just out of the window setting up the attack.  Then they will repeatedly attack, beak first into the glass.

Since the Kingbird is an eater of flying insects, I want them around.  The fact that they will also pluck a few berries from my bushes as they fly by is not a problem.  They can have the berries if they will just leave the windows alone.  There they go again, peck, peck, peck, they are intent on getting those windows to leave.

Oh well, some neighbors are just not satisfied until you leave.



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