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45 days
July 21, 2010, 10:12 am
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My dad says that corn is safe from frost 45 days after tasseling .  With almost every field of corn in full tassel now we should be able to avoid frost damage to this years crop.  This year has seen crop development ahead of normal.  That is good for our corn fields on all counts.

My neighbors organic corn is still a ways from tasseling.  I’m not really sure why, it got planted about the same time as all of the others around here.  It’s either a varietal difference or a fertility problem.  I’ll be watching to see how that corn does.

We’ve had an abundance of rainfall this year.  That has made too much moisture a limiting factor in some places.  Some of our low areas held water for a long time and there will be no crop harvested there.  Conversely our high sandy ground looks really good.  It is possible we could get a good crop from those areas that are prone to drying out this year.

It almost seems that we need to get a bit of adverse weather some time in the year just to push corn to do its best.  Heat especially is needed.  We’ve had several days now of hot humid weather and the corn is really growing.  Tassels and ears seem to appear overnight.

Wet weather is really good for pollination.  We’ve had some small showers and heavy dews that should help get the pollen to stick.  Starting tonight we are supposed to get a few days of rainy weather.  Rain now should really make for well filled ears.  Then we will need about an inch of rain a week to make optimum kernel size.  With wet soil, we could get by with a bit less.  The fields are looking good.



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