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Into every life

Into every life a little rain must fall.  That old saying could be changed into a lot of rain for some folks this past week in areas south of us.  When you get 7 to 11 inches of rainfall here in the corn belt you have a problem.  We’re just not ready for monsoons here in the center of the continent.  Luckily we’ve missed those massive rains here, but we’ve had our share.

We have been getting some really hot, humid days to the point it is difficult to work outside.  Today is forecast to be one of those.  Usually this kind of humidity is followed by a storm and one is forecast for tonight.  We’ll see how much rain we get.

Yesterday was a wonderful day with temps in the lower 80’s and reasonable humidity.  I spent most of the day working on the screen porch, but some time was spent baling hay in the afternoon.  Today I’ll spend some time in the morning on the porch then I’ll switch to jobs that have air conditioning for the hottest part of the day.

I have 70 acres of soybeans I want to cultivate before they get too big.  This is  part of the last field I planted and they are just right for a quick trip with the cultivator.  That should discourage  the last weeds just enough so they will not be a problem.  When soybeans are planted in 30 inch rows they take a while to shade out the center of the row.  Once they do it’s hard for weeds to get enough sun to grow.

Summer field work is drawing to a close.  We’ll still be scouting fields for problems, the most common one being aphids in the soybeans.  Road ditch hay is mostly cut, but we are not done, we’ve been dodging those rain events.  Those with oats and wheat are watching their fields to see when they can be harvested.  County fair season is upon us and school will start in less than a month.  It’s time for us to get the combine (harvester) out and get it ready for fall.  Still plenty to do here in the slow part of the year.



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