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Ag Math
August 21, 2010, 6:21 am
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Some of the math used by those in support of the local food movement has been very creative.  Some are trying to make it a sin to buy food that is not farmed right next door.  While I support anyone who has their own garden or loves the food from their farmers market or CSA I do not think that should extend to bashing anyone who eats products grown in other parts of the country.  Here in Minnesota we can get some wonderful fruits and veggies in the warm part of the year, but in winter fresh is not possible.  It is because you cannot get the taste of a late summer BLT, with its fresh tomatoes, at any other time that make it so wonderful.  To understand why food from American farms makes sense no mater where it comes from I invite you to read this article from the NY Times.  For a writer from the coast, this one has it all together.




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Thanks for sharing this article. I think people sometimes forget that we have a whole world to feed, not just our little local corner.

Comment by Linda

yeah, eating local is great, but I need my chocolate sometimes!! that is far from local. I agree 100% with your opinion on this. support local, support food producers EVERYWHERE! 🙂

Comment by skj

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