Minnesota Farmer

Cold day at the fair

Karen and I spent friday at the Minnesota State Fair.  We had volunteered to spend a shift working the Farm Bureau booth and had tickets to see Garrison Keiller do his “A Prairie Home Companion” show at the grandstand.

It was a cold, cloudy, windy day with a high of 61 degrees and a brisk wind.  By the time the evening show was over the temperature had fallen to 50 but the wind had gone down.  The brief peaks of sun did little to take the chill out of the air.

The Minnesota State Fair is reported to be the second largest state fair in the country.  The wealth of exhibits and contests make for a busy place.  The grand stand shows included Kiss and Lady Gaga as well as A Prairie Home Companion.  A large midway for older kids and another for younger kids helps keep every one busy.  Politicians were, of course, there in abundance.

Our work at  the Farm Bureau booth included encouraging younger kids and their parent(s) to read the displays by answering questions on a “game” card, handing out post cards that gave information on the Farmers Feed Us grocery giveaway and encouraging older kids to “ride” the combine cab and “harvest” some of Minnesota’s crops.  For doing our three hour shift we all got a FB tee-shirt, which was needed to help keep warm.  Layers were the warm word of the day.

The fair has food of so many types it is hard to cover them all.  I had Breakfast Potato Skins in the morning, a Walleye Sandwich just before our shift and a Footlong Brat mit Kraut in the evening.  Other food choices included Camel on a Stick, Cheese Kurds, Pork Chop on a Stick, Gator Bites, Roasted Sweet Corn, deep fried almost anything and so many other delights.

It was a fun day at the fair, but it is good to be home.



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