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Body made for a marathon
September 10, 2010, 8:45 pm
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Science for a long time has been searching for reasons that the human body looks the way it does.  We are so much different than other mammals, and yet so similar, why?  Why are we the only mammal that has so little hair?  Why do we have a brain so much larger than other mammals?  Why do we walk on two feet?

Some recent research has suggested that our bodies are made to run.  When man came out of Africa he was following the game of the savannas that helped to feed his big brain.  To kill that game he had neither the teeth or the claws of other meat eaters.  Man was not as strong as most other meat eaters, nor could he out sprint the grass eaters he depended on for food.  But in the long distance race man could run down anything.

In the heat of the day most mammals need to stay out of the sun, to rest and stay cool.  Their fur keeps them from sweating enough to stay cool when temperatures rise.  When they run too long they overheat.  Man could not run as fast as his prey, but he could out last him in the distance.  Man’s lack of fur made it possible to sweat and stay cool in the heat that other animals would overheat in.  When man’s prey was needing to rest and cool off, man kept his prospective meal on the move, until he ran down even the swiftest of animals.  When it was time to make the kill, his prey was too hot to move.

Our bodies are made for the marathon.  Our bodies are made to outlast so that we can feed that big expensive brain we carry.  The brain that needs so much fuel to keep it going.

It is no wonder then that when we eat, and do not move enough to burn that fuel we will get fat.  Our bodies are storing the plenty of today to feed our brains for the hard times to come.  We need to move to keep our body and brain in the shape they were made to be in.  Man was not made for a life of inactivity, his body is made to run.  We have bodies that are made for a marathon.



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This is very important and interesting stuff. Forcing humans to sit through life in school and most types of jobs creates lots of physical and mental problems. And running three times a week completely alters your health and general well-being. Now we know a bit more why that is..

Comment by talkandpolitics

Here in the midwest they have found that children learn better if they get a chance to move. In my wife’s kindergarten class and my daughter’s preschool class they have special activities to help the kids learn. Crawling and jumping when coupled with shapes, letters and numbers helps increase retention of the lesson. Movements of arms and legs that cross the midpoint of the body have been found to be essential for growth and learning. Our bodies have to move!

Comment by Michael

Don’t forget the muscles – they are made to wrestle the occasional mammoth after throwing a heavy spear 😉

Comment by evilcyber

That’s the beauty of running down your prey. By the time you tire out your prey, they cannot run. A close in spear thrust is all it takes.

Comment by Michael

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