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What a difference
October 26, 2010, 8:01 am
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Today’s weather is very much like what we had today in 2009, wet, cold and rainy.  The big difference is the amount of harvest that is done.

In 2009, as October drew to a close, we had very few beans harvested and what corn we had in the bin had to be dried down from about 30% moisture.  In 2010 we are done with the harvest and we put it all in the bin without drying it.  That is a big difference.

Yields of corn and beans were a bit less this year, but the ease of harvest and not having to buy drier fuel will save us a lot of money.  Grain quality is way up also.  When you harvest at higher moisture levels the drying process can stress the seeds and make them break up when moved.  In 2009 we had a lot of broken kernels in the bin and were having trouble getting cooling air pushed through the bins.  This year the grain is almost free of broken kernels and air moves easily through the bins.

Fall tillage has also been easier up until now.  The soils had dried out after the late September deluge and were breaking up easily.  Last year we fought mud and wet conditions almost every day from start to finish.

Last years large harvest brought lower prices.  It is hard to harvest a crop and then not be able to sell it at a high enough price to pay bills.  This years prices are much better for a crop that is only slightly smaller, and of a lot better quality.  We should be able to catch up on bill paying this year.

We now have most of the fall tillage done and machinery put away.  There are still plenty of jobs to do.  The winds have broken off tree limbs and scattered them into fields.  Building and machinery maintenance that could wait is being done.  This has been a great harvest season.



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Last year friends didn’t even start picking til after Halloween, they are already finished this year! Unbelievable!

Comment by Janice

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