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November 4, 2010, 8:45 am
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A commercial I heard yesterday said something like “Isn’t it wonderful how nature makes so many things that are good for you.”  Sorry folks, the world is not that nice.  The fruits and veggies that are essential to our bodies look nothing like what we find in the store out in the real, natural world.  Production of protein for our bodies takes hard work and lots of messy jobs.  With out the hard work of farmers for thousands of years what you see today would be totally different.  Even organically grown foods have changed dramatically from what was once a wild, natural food.

The wonderful apples we find in stores are the pick of the litter.  Anything with a blemish has been picked out of the barrel and sent to use in apple juice or apple sauce.  Apples in the wild are small bug eaten fruit.  It is the same with any fruit or veggie you can name.  With out help, nature is not as fruitful as some would have you believe.

I’m always amazed at people who “tame” wild animals for pets.  Then when their lion, bear, chimp, rat or snake does something to harm them, they are shocked.  Folks, it’s not only a dog eat dog world out there, it’s tooth and claw and the weak get eaten out there.  If you are not the fastest or the strongest or the best protected, you are breakfast.

Even the strong can fall prey to disease or injury and become somethings meal.  Bacteria and viruses are always seeking ways to survive and reproduce.  They can bring down any creature if they hit it at the wrong time.  Mankind has lived with malaria, dysentery, colds, flu, worms, bedbugs and lice for most of his existence.  It is only in our sanitized, modern world that we can find respite from the weakest of maladies.  Viruses such as the flu and HIV are a natural part of our world.

Modern man has separated himself from the natural world to the point that he does not even know how it really works.  We believe in a Disney dream world where Bambi is always safe from all but man and only humans are cruel.  Sorry to burst your bubble folks, but the world is not naturally a nice place.  The lion and the lamb do not yet lie down together, and if you step on a snake, or most animals, you will get bitten.  Life is a struggle, naturally.



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