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I have trouble with the values that some folks put on things.

Why is a rock that I want out of my field worth so much to someone in the city as an ornament?

Why is a piece of paper worth so much just because of who’s name and picture is on it?

Why do we pay sports stars and entertainers more than teachers?

Why do some people stay up all night under artificial light and then go to bed and miss the beautiful sunrise?

Why do some put so much value on things, and so little value on people?

Why is the opinion of a famous person of more value than that of a scientist or of a farmer?

So much of our world is upside down.  I just don’t understand it.  Those with hard jobs that feed and heal the world are valued less than entertainers.  Art can be worth millions and food worth pennies.  Our children are given TV sets as baby sitters because we don’t have time to read them a book or show them how we do every day tasks.  People kill each other over an idea or a few ounces of poison.  We are so busy giving each other things that we don’t stop to give them our time and our love.  How did our world get so messed up.



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I agree, Michael. So what can we do about it? Personally, I’m born and raised in Los Angeles and notice the disparity of plastic around me. How can I bring about change?

I noticed that although I love Redbull, why do I get overly ECSTATIC when I see a 4pack on sale for $5.99 as opposed to organic, free-range eggs at a dozen for $4? 4 drinks versus 12 eggs.. or a Starbucks Frappucino for roughly the same price..

Comment by @iloveGarick

We’ve been trying to bring about change for so long and nothing happens. We elect a president who promises change and we get more of the same.
We are wired to consume. Why can we not just be? My children and my wife have jobs that push them to work constantly. I have a job that allows me to contemplate. Hours in a tractor going back and forth allow you to think, to be still.
Take time to be still. Will it change anything? No. But you can stop and think about what really matters. Maybe you can change you.

Comment by Michael

as a Christian, I believe that we are born into a sinful world and we have an affinity for nonsense. Much of the world is, as you point out, “upside-down.” For reasons of selfishness and instant gratification I think we prefer to put our wants before our needs and this causes us to reward entertainers rather than sustainers. If we assume it is our right to have our needs met — food, clothes, shelter — we have a hard time paying a high price for these things, whereas the non-essentials are available by our hard earned money. do we want to work for our needs to be met? no! we want to work to fulfill our own desires for entertainment, pleasure, fun! this leads to a world where left is right and up is down.

Comment by skj

I thought it was because we have too much stuff. Did you ever notice how people who have never had all of our “blessings” are happier? Folks in developing countries sing, dance and praise more than we do. They have so little, but enjoy what they have.

Comment by Michael

Michael, your thoughts mimic mine. I, too, have often wondered about these things… Why are athletes and entertainers paid ridiculous sums of money? As an adult I now realize that my parents didn’t have much money when I was growing up on the farm. But I never knew it. They provided for my basic needs and gave me lots of love. That was enough.

Comment by Audrey

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