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November 10, 2010, 10:35 am
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When was the last time you checked your vehicle before you started it up?  Did you do a walk around before you left on your trip, no matter how short the trip?  Not checking your vehicle before your next trip could cost you your life.

As a school bus driver I am required to do a bus check before each trip.  We check fluid levels, wheels and tires, lights and reflectors, windows, wipers, belts, drive shaft and safety equipment.  The other day my inspection found a broken wheel bolt.  When the wheel was pulled off several bolts were found to be broken.  A near disaster involving school children was averted because I did an inspection.

It’s a good idea to at least do a walk around your vehicle before you move it.  Stopping to check tires and lights are a minimum that you should check out.  This quick trip around will help to make sure you get to your destination.

If you have an older vehicle you need to be checking fluid levels also.  As vehicles get more hours on them the fluid’s start finding ways to disappear.  You could be stranded on the side of a road with no help in sight if your engine quits.

Does your mechanic do a check of the entire vehicle when you get your oil changed?  If you are only paying for an oil change you are putting your safety at risk.  There are so many things it is easy for him to check when the vehicle is up on the hoist.  It is important that your brakes are also checked at this time.

You can save yourself time and possibly injury by making a quick walk around the car before you leave.  Check with your mechanic to find out what you should be inspecting on your vehicle before every trip.



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