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Over the ground
November 13, 2010, 7:47 am
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“Over the ground lies a mantle of white….”

We have 3 to 4 inches of wet heavy snow so far, with 2 to 3 more inches forecast.  This is what some refer to as “heart attack snow” since moving this stuff will work out the muscles and the heart.  There are going to be a lot of sore bodies today.

Areas with grass on them have the most snow since the ground is not yet frozen and sidewalks and driveways melted for a bit before they got cold enough to hold snow.  Forecast temperatures above freezing for the next few days will melt a lot of this stuff.  The night time lows will be working to keep the snow around.  It is uncertain how much of this snow will be around in a week.

If you are driving today please drive with caution.  Just because you have a 4X4 does not mean you can drive as fast as you wish.  There will be a lot of idiots out there relearning winter driving skills.  Don’t let them dictate how you travel.  Be safe out there today.



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Has the snow melted yet? I can’t imagine! I’m just trying to figure out where my winter clothes are.

Comment by Janice

The snow is rapidly melting, but from the bottom up. The ground has not yet frozen, but daytime temps are not much above freezing. We’ll see the 40’s this week, but not everyday. It’s really not too bad as long as the wind doesn’t blow.

Comment by Michael

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