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The safety grinch
November 17, 2010, 9:13 am
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Our county is blessed with a courthouse sitting in the middle of town on it’s own block.  This 1905 building has been a source of pride for our city as we promote the area.  The lawn of the courthouse has been the location for many community events.  This year however, the safety grinch has struck.

Every year, as far back as I can remember the county employees have decorated our courthouse with lights for Christmas.  It makes quite an impressive sight as long strings of  lights festoon the sandstone building.  Now the county has said that, due to safety concerns, they will no longer hang lights on the courthouse.

I’m all for safety.  We need to be safe in so much that we do, but if a few people had not braved the less than safe oceans and prairies of the world we would not have the great country we live in.  With out people taking a little risk so much that is beautiful and worthwhile in our world would not exist.  Now a bit of joy and light will be missing from our courthouse square, because of the safety grinch, and it will be missed.



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