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Small town radio
November 22, 2010, 11:05 am
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I think of myself as a positive person.  I really have never liked watching TV news shows, they are just too full of gloom and doom.  Let’s face it, to keep an audience in a large market you have to have the creed that, “If it bleeds, it leads.”

That has even become the creed of day time talk TV and our politicians.  The more they can make you believe that the world is a terrible place, the more market share they get.  Let’s face it, you need market share to get elected, keep advertisers and pay the bills.

Small town radio and newspapers are different.  Yes, there are stories of fires and crimes, but the main thrust of their programming is geared not to what is going bad in the world, but what is happening next door.

Oh yes, we will have the report from the highway patrol and the sherifs office, but we also get school news, city council minutes and county board meetings.  The chamber of commerce will be on promoting their next event, it could be of a new store opening, or of the next picnic on the square.

Reports from the area schools are common in small town news.  You can hear about the school play, the latest sporting event, or who is the new teacher of the year, it’s all good stuff.  Stories of who the exchange students in school are and what country they came from are regular events.   The newest graduating class will take up pages in a small town newspaper.  Oh sure, the school is having trouble making the budget fit the income, but that is not the main thrust of school news.  It’s about achievement and excellence.

The area churches will be broadcast on Sunday for those who could not make it.  News of a new pastor or of a youth group event can be a big deal in a slow week.  The listing of when the church services are and events that are being held at church are eagerly scanned for the next fundraising dinner or scouting event.

Veterans Day, Memorial Day, community plays and concerts, parades, pageants and musical events are all a large part of the small town news program.  These are events that uplift and entertain us, they make us feel good about ourselves and our land.

So excuse me for not liking what I hear from the big market news agencies.  I grew up on small town news, and I’m going to stick with it.  All that doom and gloom is just not my style.



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