Minnesota Farmer


As we gather to feast on this Thanksgiving day we all need to give thanks for what agriculture has given us.  Me?  I’m thankful to have a job I love.

When I think back on over 50 years of life, there is so much that farming has given me.  I grew up with a freedom that allowed me to be outdoors doing what I wanted.  Usually that meant driving tractors and spending long hours in the field.  Long hours that allowed me to think through problems and make plans.

Farming meant I was able to earn an income and put myself through college.  It got me started in a business that is ever changing, always challenging, sometimes hectic and stressful, and yet peaceful and easygoing.

Farming gave me the freedom to take time off to see my children grow and to have them with me so I could teach them of life.  They learned lessons on the farm that are harder to learn elsewhere.  They learned of the circle of life and how food gets to our table.  They learned that if it rains today, tomorrows sunshine will allow you to get the job done.  They learned that hard work is rewarded with good things.

Here in Minnesota, spring, summer, fall and winter all have their charms and challenges.  Every month and season is an education, a challenge and a chance to look forward to future, a beginning and an end.

I have been blessed to have lived in a time of ever changing technology.  A time when the advances in agricultural science have allowed us to feed more people with less land, fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, labor, water and erosion than at any time in history.  I remember my dad planting corn with the aid of a wire guide, now computers help guide our planting.  Dad plowed his fields with a three bottom plow and an open tractor.  Today the plow is a thing of the past and we sit in a cab with A/C, heat, radio and computers.

There is so much that has changed in this life that I love, but it is still the best job on earth.  For that I am thankful.



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Hi Michael!

I recently found your blog and I found myself reading through many of your posts. This one is beautiful, and as a farm girl, it resonates with me!

I looked through your site for an email address, as I have something I wanted to suggest for your blog. Any chance you can email me?

Thanks and have a great night!

Comment by Codi

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