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Ask Not
January 20, 2011, 10:56 am
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Today is the anniversary of JFK’s presidential speech that had the famous phrase “Ask not what your country can do for you . . . Ask what you can do for your country.”

I’m beginning to think this country has become a welfare state.  More and more I see people with their hands out asking that their government give them something.  They expect that the government will give them everything.  That is not the U.S. of A. I was born in.  That is not the country that our fathers fought to build and protect.

Our constitution gives us the right to pursue happiness.  It does not say that we will be happy.  There are opportunities in our world today for everyone to work.  It may not be the job we want, but it is work.  I see folks complain about our illegal aliens here in the U.S. but most of them are here doing jobs we don’t seem to want to do.  If you want to eat, get out there and work.  Our country was built on hard work, not on a life of constant vacations.

Our entertainers have done more than anyone to break our country, and it is our fault.  We value major league sports and movie actors more than we do our teachers and police force.  We pay major amounts of money to watch entertainment, and then complain that the prices in the grocery store are going up a few pennies.

We are truly blessed in this country to have so much that we can complain about it.  Next time you feel that the government owes you something, check out how much you have given to your country and to your neighbor first.  Ask what you can do for others, before you ask for a handout.

A democracy can only last until its people realize they can vote themselves something for nothing.  I’m afraid we are about to reach that breaking point, that the country that has given us so much will cease to exist.  It is time for all of us to do, not ask.



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Some of my folks came to these lands on the Mayflower, many after. Each generation tried to make life a little better for the next generation. This is truly a land of opportunity – and still is. But it has become a land of spoiled brats too. Poor family values, poor work ethics and poor role models have truly eroded the core values that sustain us 😦

Comment by Tom

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