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EPA ruling equals new jobs
January 21, 2011, 12:47 pm
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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced today that they will raise the amount of ethanol that can be blended into our fuel from 10 percent (E10) to 15 percent (E15) for all vehicles built in the last decade.

The decision today to permit E15 for 2001-to-2006 model year vehicles follows an October decision by EPA to permit blends up to E15 in vehicles 2007 model year and newer.

The Environmental Working Group says that the “only real winners” with E15 are corn farmers and ethanol producers. I’d say they are a bit short sighted.

Who benefits?  Maybe suburban moms who want clean air for their kids? Small business owners who want to end cartel-driven oil shocks to our economy? Anyone who wants to keep our dollars here instead of sending them overseas?  One of the biggest winners will be the American worker.  Up to 136,000 jobs will be created by this regulation change, and many of those jobs will be in small town America, out where all of the ethanol refineries have been and are being built.

There will be new bio-refineries built.  More jobs for truck drivers and train operators.  There will be more stores and shops kept open because of jobs to provide supplies to workers and their families in rural America.  Farmers will have new sources of income as the need for non-corn based ethanol grows.  They will have to buy new machinery to harvest grasses and stover that will fuel those ethanol plants.

These are American jobs that cannot be outsourced.  Good paying, skilled employee jobs for rural America.  Just what our country needs right now.



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Michael — how can you seriously say that by allowing the blend limit to increase from 10 to 15 will add 136,000 jobs?

Comment by Don

You don’t know the number of jobs that have been made possible so far. I do. I live it.

Comment by Michael

ROFLMAO, you’ve got to be kidding.

None of the cars that were approved has a fuel map for E15 and no gasoline producer will make it, they are all suing the EPA because they can’t afford the liability, most states don’t allow E15 to be sold for non flex-fuel cars including California, the largest gasoline market in the US, there is no ASTM spec for E15 which will take more than a year to develop and the EPA has to change a bunch of regulations, but other than that you are good to go … for your flex-fuel vehicle … which could always have used E15. And even if it were available at a blender pump today, who would put E15 in their car when it will cost more than E10, give less mileage and possibly damage their car which was never designed for it.

E15 was supposed to delay the blending wall. It won’t come close to doing that because it will happen by the beginning of next year at the latest, unless gasoline consumption soars, so all of those bio-refineries and jobs you are envisioning aren’t going to happen because we have enough ethanol capacity to take every drop of gasoline E10 in 2012 and after that the quotas in EISA 2012 will mean nothing, E15 or not. Of course the ethanol mandates in EISA 2007 were supposed to provide corporate welfare for E85 and flex-fuel vehicles. Maybe you should try to figure out how the ethanol industry is going to address the intent of the law instead of trying to put band aids on the unintended consequences of the law.

Comment by stopethanol

Today we are already making more ethanol than we can use in the U.S. Yes, we are exporting ethanol.
Here in Minnesota, university research has been going on for over 20 years that proves not only E15 is safe for cars today, but in most cases E 20 and E 30. Our GMC Terrain gets the same milage on E20 as on E10. Many stations here have blender pumps where you can buy E10, E20, E30, E50 and E85. Here in Minnesota E20 is cheaper than E10.
Car manufacturers are working with the ethanol industry to make it possible for all to use these blends. It is expected that in 5 years 50% of the cars make in the U.S. will be E85 compatible. As hard as they are working to make Flex Fuel cars I find it hard to see them fighting it.
All it takes to make a car get better milage on ethanol is add a supercharger. GM has done the work and so has every other car manufacturer.
Minnesota has been the proving ground for different ethanol blends. We been producing ethanol here commercially for over 40 years and experimenting with it here for even longer.
They have been using ethanol and methanol in race cars for years. The only thing keeping the U.S. motorist from using ethanol blends is politics. It seems that Big Oil doesn’t want to lose the business.

Comment by Michael

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